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The wine appellation of Bourgueil

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Bourgueil is the birthplace of Cabernet Franc wines, having been grown and produced at the Abbey de Bourgueil for more than 1,000 years. This vineyard is in organic production and can still be visited today.

Vineyards of Bourgueil

The vineyards of Bourgueil

Location: 7 communes of the Indre-et-Loire département, located on the right bank of the Loire, west of Tours.

Vineyards: 120 producers on in the towns and villages of Restigné, Benais, Ingrandes-de-Touraine, Saint-Patrice, Chouzé-sur-Loire, La Chapelle-sur-Loire and Bourgueil.

Surface Area: 14,000 hectares / 34,595 acres

Yeild: 55 hl per Ha.

Soil: Bourgueil has three, easily identified soil types: little islands of gravel in the alluvial terraces of the Loire; higher terraces of ancient, glaciated alluvian sand and gravel; and clay/limestone soils from the ridge which runs along the north of the appellation.

Climate: A maritime/oceanic climate. Facing directly south, with a dense forest giving protection from north winds, Bourgueil benefits from a gentle microclimate thanks to the moderating effect of the river Loire.

Wine of Bourgueil

Wines of AOC Bourgueil

Annual Production: Approximately 65 000 hl / 1,717,118 gallons, mostly red but including 4% rosé wines.

Grape Variety: Red and Rosé: Cabernet Franc; called Breton locally. Up to 10% Cabernet sauvignon is also permitted in a blend.

Tasting notes

Red Appearance: strong purple colour Nose: Very aromatic with intense notes of cherry, strawberry and violet for gravel soil wines; raspberry, blackberry and spices, evolving to notes of leather and roast meat for the clay soils. Flavors: Light to fruity to, dense and meaty. Long lasting and well balanced taste with elegant tannins and a touch of acidity.

Rosé Appearance: Deep pink. Nose: Fresh fruit. Flavours: light fruity, structured and fresh

Serving suggestions gravel soil wines Temperature: 13-16°C Dishes: white meats (veal, chicken, turkey),fish and cheese.

Serving suggestions clay soil wines Temperature: 13-16°C Dishes: red meat and game. Cheese.

Serving suggestions rosé wines Temperature: 8-10°C Dishes: salads and other summer dishes.

Storage Rosé: drink young and fresh. Gravel soil wines: 2-5 years. Clay soil wines: best after 5 years.

"A wine lovers dream"

The Loire Valley produces wine in a wide range of colours and styles. Our tours give you a unique opportunity to taste these wines, look at the production facilities and often meet the owners. As enthusiasts ourselves, we make a point of seeking out the best.

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