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The wine appellation of Touraine-Chenonceaux

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Touraine-Chenonceaux wines, grown on the best plots along the sunny ridges above the river Cher, are a rare treat and especially good with food. Created in 2011 as an elite Touraine, there are now some 46 producers creating these wines.

Touraine Chenonceaux vineyards

The vineyards of Touranie-Chenonceaux

Location: 27 communes located on both sides of the Cher River between Tours and Selles sur Cher.

Soil: Touraine Chenonceaux has, as main soil types: clay with flints, with or without a covering of sand, and alkaline clay from the Tuffeau limestone rdges. Vineyards are selected to ensure good ripening. The yields are limited to 60 hectoliters per hectare for white wines and 55 hectoliters per hectare for red wines to increase concentration.

Climate: A maritime/oceanic climate. Vineyards planted on slopes running east-west benefit from ample sunshine.

Touraine Chenonceau wines

Wines of AOC Touraine-Chenonceax

Annual Production: Approximately 1,900 hl / 50,193 gallons.

Grape Varieties: Red: Cot (Malbec) and Cabernet franc; Gamay. White: Sauvignon blanc

Wine Making In the cellar white wines must be matured on fine lees until April 30th minimum after the harvest and for red wines until August 31st. Once the wine has matured, experts taste each wine each year for qualitative validation before bottling.

Tasting notes

White Appearance: Pale to gold- yellow. Nose: A rich floral and fruit palette;rosehip and acacea, with citrus notes.

Red Appearance: Deep Burgundy red. Nose: Expressive red and black fruits with spicy notes. Flavours: Rounded and strong with favours of ripe red fruits. Silky tannins. These are not wines for long aging but will soften further if kept 2-5 years.

"A wine lovers dream"

The Loire Valley produces wine in a wide range of colours and styles. Our tours give you a unique opportunity to taste these wines, look at the production facilities and often meet the owners. As enthusiasts ourselves, we make a point of seeking out the best.

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