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Touraine Noble-Joué rosé

The wine appellation of Touraine Noble-Joué

Touraine Noble-Joué info

Touraine Noble-Joué

A historic vineyard on the western outskirts of the city of Tours, producing distingtive rosé wines; one of the original "vins gris".

Touraine Noble-Joué vineyards

The vineyards of Touraine Noble-Joué

Location: This appellation is located between the Indre and Cher rivers, south west of Tours.

Surface Area: 28 hectares / 69 acres

Soil: Clay with flint pebbles.

Climate: Located in the center of the Loire, this appellation experiences both maritime/oceanic and continental climate influences.

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Wines of AOC Touraine Noble-Joué

Annual Production: Approximately 1,700 hl / 44,909 gallons; 100% rosé wines.

Grape Varieties:

Tasting notes

Rosé Appearance: Pale pinkish grey. Nose: Complex: Floral (hyacinthe, paeony) followed by bright cherry and strawberry or ripe pear notes. Flavours: Light-bodied, cherry with cloves, a mineral freshness enhanced by crisp fruit flavours.

Pinot Noir (10-20%) and Pinot Meunier (50-60%), both red grapes, give body, length and strength; Pinot Gris (30-40%), a white grape variety, offers fruitiness and finesse. These grapes may be vinified and sold seperately by some growers, but must be labeled Vin de France.

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