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Closer to the river Cher than the Loire, Sauvignon is king here, on the edge of the Royal hunting forests and lakes of the Sologne.

vineyards of ouraine-Oisly

The vineyards of Touraine-Oisly

Location: 10 communes located on the Sologne plain, to the east of Tours and south of the Loire.

Surface Area: 20 hectares / 50 acres

Soil: Typical Solognon glaciated soils of sand over clay with patches of gravel and shell-marl.

Climate: A semi-continental climate without the moderating influence of the Atlantic. Summers may be drier and winters colder than other parts of the Touraine.

Raphael Midoir

Wines of AOC Touraine-Oisly

Annual Production: Approximately 1,550 hl / 41,000 gallons.

Grape Variety: White only: Sauvignon blanc only.

Tasting notes

White Appearance: Pale yellow Nose: Delicate floral scents of acacia and hawthorn followed by citrus (grapefruit and lemon) with fresh mineral notes. Flavours: Lively, fresh and fine, floral and citrus.

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