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Colin and Marie-Chantal - wine tour, chateaux and garden guides

"We love showing off this region, it has so much to offer: the gentle climate and countryside, centuries of history and culture, the food and wine. The wine itself is a joy, so helping people discover it is a pleasure."

We are passionate about the Loire Valley, its chateaux, gardens, lifestyle and, of course, its wines. Garden designers in another life, Colin also teaches at the Garden Design Academy. One of his favourite courses is aimed at budding wine-makers and vineyard owners, which attracts students from around the world.

Vineyards and Wine

Touring and tasting with visitors is our of our great pleasures and as French speakers we are on hand to translate as required. During tours we like to explain the art, craft and science behind the wines you will be sampling. We have our favourites, of course, but it is the range of wines produced here which is so exciting. Natural enthusiasts, we are told that our excitement is infectious!


We are also fascinated by the history and culture of this region of France and are aways glad to pass on what we have learned about the towns and villages we pass through on our tours. An ancient region whose history goes back into the mists of time, the Renaissance period in the 16thC left an indelible mark on the Loire Valley, with its chateaux and other historic buildings. We take the time to show you these during most of our tours.


Use this calender to check our availability and plan your tour with us. Please note, tours may be requested and become unavailable before we have a chance to update our schedule. It can therefore be used as a guide only.


If you would like to book one or more of the available dates please send an email request to booking@loirevalleywinetour.com or use our contact page.

"Wine lovers dream"

The Loire Valley produces wine in a wide range of colours and styles. Our tours give you a unique opportunity to taste these wines, look at the production facilities and often meet the owners. As enthusiasts ourselves, we make a point of seeking out the best.

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