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The wine appellation of Vouvray

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On the banks of the river Loire, close to Tours, Vouvray has been the home of Chenin blanc wines for over 1,800 years when St. Martin of Tours introduced it.

vines and Loire at Vouvrey

The vineyards of Vouvray

Location: Vouvray begins at the eastern edge of Tours and extends through seven communes on the right bank of the Loire and along its tributary, the Brenne.

Surface Area: 2,200 hectares/ 5,436 acres

Soil: White Turonian chalk on the hillsides, with perruche (flint and clay) and aubuis (chalk and clay) on the valley floor.

Climate: The maritime and continental climates meet in Vouvray. Generally cool weather with sunny autumns helps ripen the grapes and allow for sweet wine production.

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Wines of AOC Vouvray

Annual Production: Approximately 3 million gallons, 52% sparkling wine and 48% still wine

Grape Variety: Chenin Blanc

Tasting notes

White Appearance: Color ranges from straw yellow for sparkling wines to golden amber for mature sweet wines. Nose: Young Vouvray often reveals notes of rose, quince and acacia. As it evolves, Vouvray displays aromas of apricot, candied fruit and honey. Flavors: The wines are always fresh yet can range from full to opulent depending on sweetness.

Styles Sec (Dry): less than 9 grams of residual sugar; Tendre, Demi-Sec(Off-dry): 9-15 grams of residual sugar - this is the classic Vouvray style and does not require label designation; Moelleux (Sweet): above 15 grams of residual sugar, often considerably more

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